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Paul Ryan
  Speaker Paul Ryan We Will Follow the Facts Wherever They Lead  CSPAN  May 17, 2017 1:53pm-1:59pm EDT

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and it will shape and strengthen your character. >> saturday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern, 2017 commencement speeches. this weekend, speaker includes kamala harris and betsy devos and eileen drake and executive chairman of star bucks at arizona state university and senator elizabeth warren at university of massachusetts and senator rob port man. this saturday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span and c this morning, paul ryan took questions addressing new york times story published yesterday it alleged that president trump
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asked james comey to shut down federal investigation into mr. trump's former national security adviser michael flynn the report was later backed up by a number of news outlets. here is a look at speaker ryan's comment. there's a lot of reports lately. let me tell you what i told our members. we need the facts. it is obvious and there are some people out there who wants to warm the president. we have obligation to carry our over sight regardless of which party of the white house. we get all the pertinent information. the house government reform committee appropriately requested this memo, i am sure we'll hear from mr. comey about why this happens as he allegedly described why he did not take action at the time. there is a lot of unanswered questions. now is the time to gather all the pertinent information. our job is to be responsible and
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focus on gathering the facts. that's what conduct does in conducting the over site of the branch. >> just remember there is an investigation occurring at the fbi and there is an in vig investigation in the house and we got three investigations going on, i am not going to micro manage. the point is this, we cannot deal with any speculations and innuend innuendos. our jobs is to get the facts. [ inaudible questions ] >> are you worried about the drip, drip and controversies having an impact on republicans. >> i worry about things that are within our control. that's whether or not we are elected to do which is to solve people's problems. that's the other thing i think i would like to make. people in america turn on their
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tv and they think this is all that's happening and discussing. that's not the case. we are busy hard at work fixing their problems. you heard from the chairman ways and means committee getting tax reform done because we know it is important to unlocking economic growth. the point i want to make here is you heard me say this before, we are going to walk and chew gum at the same time. we'll keep advancing our reforms that we are doing while we are doing all these other things within our responsibility. that's what we'll be judged in 2018. did we make people's lives better or somelve problems or f problems people are confronting of our daily lives. that's what matters most and that's how we'll be judged. >> the last thing i am going to
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do is prejudge anything. i am a person who wants to get the feedbacks. that's our job to be sober and dispassionate and get the facts and do our jobs and follow the facts of where ever they may lead. >> craig, did you have one? i want to be able to go to our wisconsin guy. >> we have two investigations in congress going on right now with all things being rushed up. we have another committee of the over site government reform committee just now requesting these governments. there are plenty of over site that's being done. what we don't do is try to meet the feedbacks within some 24 hours news cycle. we passionately do our job and make sure the investigation follow the facts where ever they may lead and that obviously takes some time. i will say one more thing. there is an fbi investigation going on right now with all things related to russia done by the career professional of the fbi who are going to continue to be career professionals and the
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acting director says the other day that no one is trying to impede that investigation. a lot of work is being done. that's the proper role of the legislative branch of the over site of the executive branch and we are not going to be playing in the crowd and we'll do it the right way and follow the facts. thank you. house democrats also discuss the new york times story in a news conference earlier, here is that event now. >> good morning everyone. welcome troubles times that we find ourselves in not only here in washington but around our country as